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Our vision and mission

Faculty Vision:

Faculty of law is a knowledge institution interested in law study , seeks to make a positive change in the reality of society through the preparation of scientific cadres specialized in the field of law and in line with the needs of society and according to our culture and Islamic and Arab origin.

Faculty massage:

Building a generation specialized in law science has a high culture in law science has culture in the prosecution of rights and fairness of individuals and the defense of human rights to establish the rule of law.

Faculty objectives:

  • Preparing the scientific cadres specialized in the law to meet the needs of the labor market and instilling the scientific material in the hearts of students and researchers.
  • Encouraging scientific research and provide facilities and create the appropriate atmosphere to push researchers to carry out research that can be applied in practice.
  • Provide consultation to all administrative and community bodies and make the college a scientific center for the spread of the culture of law.