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Dean’s word

The goal of law is to regulate human relations within society and to achieve peaceful coexistence by establishing rules of conduct that address all members of society and determine their rights and duties. This is why the human purpose of these rules and texts governing these relations, which is called the law, This is the basic element in the entry into force and application of these rules, without which the law has no meaning, existence and value, so we can say that the human purpose and purpose of the law, and from this fact the Faculty of Law seeks the University of Kufa to start from the holy city of Kufa and Najaf, The first humanity towards the wider space of humanity and to be a distinguished and present and leading faculty among the faculties of law not only in Iraq but also our global ambition to emulate its counterparts of the universally developed law faculties through its strengths of success, leadership and progress despite all the challenges that can stand in front of this nominal goal , And from God the success Professor Dr. Ahmed Sami al-Mamouri Dean of the College