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Department of Private Law

Department vision:
The branch assumed a distinct place among the scientific branches of similar colleges at the local and regional levels.
Department Message:
Make the branch a scientific, bright and creative edifice in the field of legal sciences at the local and international level by preparing legal cadres and spreading the legal culture in society.
Department Objectives:
1. The branch aims to present in the field of legal sciences more distinct than it is in the governmental and private university, in line with international quality standards in the field of university education.
2. The branch seeks the efficiency of its educational programs and study plans and the uniqueness of its legal and qualitative research.
3. Preparing graduates with legal knowledge, research and professional skills.
4. Developing awareness of legal systems and directing them in order to meet societal needs.
5. Making use of modern technologies at work and making the student able to consolidate them.
6. Adopting modern educational methods to deliver information to students, including the virtual court method, both international and national, as well as the United Nations model, and drawing a systematic mechanism for the success of these means.
7. Stimulating the students’ latent skills in order to prepare a generation armed with all legal skills only, by activating extra-curricular activities for students and preparing all their requirements, and initiating the organization of carnivals and legal education weeks through which the aforementioned goals are achieved.
8. Cultivating the spirit of citizenship in the souls of the department’s staff and its students, educating them in love for the homeland, devotion to it, respect for the law and its implementation, and preparing them to spread these concepts
9. Enabling the graduate to develop his capabilities and capabilities in his field of specialization.
10. Preparing the graduate to practice legal work in various fields, ie as a lawyer, judge or public prosecutor, or work as a human rights employee in state departments.
11. Preparing the graduate from the department to adapt to the events and developments facing him in the field of his specialized work.
12. Cultivating the graduate’s leadership spirit and developing his leadership skills.
13. Educating the graduate on a culture of integrity, combating administrative and financial corruption, making the latter an enemy of the legal, and making his first and last goal fight these scourges and striving to preserve public money and protect it from tampering.
14. Promoting the graduate’s ethical principles and values, such as honesty, honesty, loyalty, diligence, preservation of professional and job secrecy, and other ethical standards.

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