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Symposium on the phenomenon of drugs and combating it

On  November 22, 2022, the Department of Public Law held a symposium entitled (The phenomenon of drugs and their control and impact on youth and society) in cooperation with the Faculty of Science at our university and the community police The symposium dealt with the nature and types of narcotic substances, the harmful effects of narcotics, and their physical and psychological effects on the individual in particular and on society in general, and identified the provisions of crime, whether at the level of financial fines or imprisonment. By holding seminars and educational courses and publishing publications (books, magazines, reports) related to the impact and harms of drugs, with the need to activate health media in all its visual, print, and audio means primarily, as well as paying attention to the youth group and trying to provide them with job opportunities, especially university students, as they are the nucleus of a building A stable country, and work to strengthen the role of social care for low-income families to raise their standard of living, given that one of the most important reasons for the spread of drug-related crimes is unemployment and the deteriorating economic situation.

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