The research and development division

The R&D division is directly linked to the deputy dean for scientific affairs. It focuses on scientific activities in the faculty and particular on :

     1- Pursuing scientific activities of academic staff

     2- Pursuing and documenting all publication of academic staff

     3- Pursuing the conferences, symposiums, workshops, an seminars which are held in the faculty

     4- Pursuing the proposals of establishment of postgraduate studies, scientific departments, and scientific journals.  


The continuous training division  

This division organises all training courses which are held in the faculty. It also responsible for nomination of our academic and administrative staff for these courses.


The scientific promotions unit

The scientific promotion unit is responsible for all promotion of our academic staff for the positions of lecturer and assistant professor. It receives the paperwork of promotions, and then it sends the articles which are submitted to three referees to get their assessment about the articles.  

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