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visited the Central Euphrates Center for Oncology

A group of students from the Faculty of Law at the University of Kufa headed by the Assistant Administrative Assistant Mr. Alaa Al-Salawi visited the Central Euphrates Center for Oncology in the province to see the medical and health services provided by the Center. The patients were also visited by Dr. Emad Karim Al-Saabri, Mr. Jafar Al-Mahna and the Head of Pharmaceutical Division, Dr. Sondos Abdul-Adel. Dr. Alaa Al-Salawi said that our visit to the center today is aimed at alleviating the suffering of the patients and bringing them into the joy and pleasure of drawing the smile on their faces, offering some symbolic gifts for the children and roses to the old people who have donated money to the center. And a lesson from the lessons of life to confront this disease and patience, which is a visit that defined a social atmosphere brotherly between patients and students, which will alleviate and partly of their suffering …

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