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About Faculty


The Faculty of Law is a scientific institution which teaches law, it aims to make a positive change in the society through preparing and training specialized personnel in the field of law in consistency with needs of our society and in accordance with our Islamic culture.  


Our mission is introducing professional personnel and insuring a constant enhancement for them to maintain the rights of individuals in our society. We seek to be a reference for research in the legal discipline.


A-  The preparation of legal personnel as law practitioners, inspectors, legal consultants and legal research staff.

B-   The preparation of scientific personnel to satisfy the market trend.

C-   The persuasion and facilitation the legal research by creating an appropriate environment for researchers to conduct their research.

D-   Counselling all administrative, political, and societal faction in legal issues.        


The Faculty was established in 2004. It started with one department; the department of law. In 2014 the faculty has established two branches; the private law branch, and the public law branch. The Faculty has undergraduate studies award LLB degree after four years period of study, the Faculty also has postgraduate studies under which it awards LLM degree in private law and public law.

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